Physiological Assessments

Resting metabolic rate


Pinpointing the precise number of calories you burn at rest is crucial if you're trying to lose weight, build lean mass or following a maintenance plan. This technique, which involves resting on a bed for 30 minutes combined with an assessment of your daily lifestyle energy requirements, will provide an accurate assessment of your daily caloric needs. Knowing your energy expenditure can allow you to then compare against your energy intake, providing a more accurate means of determining caloric requirements if you are wishing to lose, maintain or gain weight.

Many factors affect your metabolic rate, including; weight, age, body composition, environment, hormone levels and gender. This makes it a highly unique and important number to know, since your RMR accounts for about 70 percent of all energy you expend. This is why testing your RMR directly is so important vs using an equation.  Even the most “accurate” equation-based RMR estimations can vary as much as 30 to 40 percent!